“A Bone Sled, Dog Whip, Spear, & Knife, of the Arctic Highlanders” [Daniel Havell]

It being proposed that they should drive close to the ship on their sledges, for this purpose the eldest got into his sledge, and we had thus an opportunity of witnessing the mode in which he managed the dogs. These were six in number, each having a collar of seal skin, two inches wide, to which the one end of a thong, made of strong hide, about three yards long, was tied; the other being fastened to the fore part of the sledge; thus they all stood nearly abreast, each drawing by a single trace, without reins. No sooner did they hear the crack of the whip, than they set off at full speed, while he seemed to manage them with the greatest ease, guiding them partly by his voice, and partly by the sound of the whip. [Ross, p. 103.]