“Ervick, a Native of Prince Regents Bay. Lat. 76.12. N. Lon. 65. W.”[Ross]

The three men remaining were now handed down to my cabin, and shewn the use of the chairs, which they did not comprehend, appearing to have no notion of any other seat than the ground. Being seated, we attempted to take their portraits, in which Lieutenant Hopner, Mr. Skene, Mr. Bushman, and myself, were, at the same time employed. During this attempt, fearful it might alarm them, we amused them with questions, collecting from them, at the same time, the information we thought it desirable to obtain; and directing Sacheuse to ask those questions which the hurried nature of this visit permitted us to recollect as most essential, and of which the result will appear hereafter. Our drawings being completed, and interrogatories ended, they began to be very inquisitive, asking the use of every thing in the cabin . . . We now also ascertained their names, that of the eldest being Ervick . . . [Ross, pp. 93-94, 95.]