“First Communication with the Natives of Prince Regents Bay, as Drawn by John Sackheouse and Presented to Capt. Ross, Augt. 10, 1818”

They now began to ask many questions; for, by this time, they found the language spoken by themselves and Sacheuse, had sufficient resemblance to enable them to hold some communication. They first pointed to the ships, eagerly asking, ‘What great creatures those were?’ ‘Do they come from the sun or the moon?’ ‘Do they give us light by night or by day?’ . . . Sacheuse replied, ‘They are houses made of wood.’ This they seemed to discredit, answering, ‘No, they are alive, we have seen them move their wings.’ . . . Our arrival produced a visible alarm, causing them to retreat a few steps towards their sledges; on this Sacheuse called to us to pull our noses, as he had discovered this to be the mode of friendly salutation with them. This ceremony was accordingly performed by each of us, the natives, during their retreat, making use of the same gesture, the nature of which we had not before understood. In the same way we imitated their shouts as well as we could, using the same interjection, heigh, yaw! which we afterwards found to be an expression of surprise and pleasure. We then advanced towards them while they halted, and presented the foremost with a looking-glass and a knife, repeating the same presents to the whole, as they came up in succession. On seeing their faces in the glasses, their astonishment appeared extreme, and they looked round in silence, for a moment, at each other and at us; immediately afterwards they set up a general shout, succeeded by a loud laugh, expressive of extreme delight, as well as surprise, in which we joined, partly from inability to avoid it, and willing also to shew that we were pleased with our new acquaintances. [Ross, pp. 84,88-87.]