Exhibition Tour

         The selection for this interactive exhibition comprises 50 pairs of drawings and prints by George Cruikshank, that can be viewed and compared in the two top frames of the screen. Typically, the comparison is made between a drawing and its printed equivalent. In some cases, sets of multiples (three, four and even five images for the same work, e.g. illustrations for The Bottle) are also compared. Any combination of a drawing (on the left) and a print (on the right) is possible.

         However, in order to grasp Cruikshank's artistic expression and technique, it is preferable to always begin the comparisons with the earliest preliminary drawing in a set, whose catalog record provides a brief commentary detailing the artist's intentions from the original idea to the finished print.

         To browse the gallery, click the number between the thumbnail images to view both images side by side. Use the small arrow between images to move up and down pair by pair in the gallery. To compare a set of multiple images, establish the starting image in a set, click its thumbnail or catalog record to open it up in the top left frame. Then, click any related thumbnail image (from the same pair or not) to open it up in the top right frame. Full screen view is also available by clicking the images once they are opened in either of the two top frames.